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Rediscover the spark in your relationship with couple counseling in a supportive environment.

Coaching and Assessment

Discover your true potential with individual coaching that maps out your inherent talents.

Evidence-Based Approaches

I help my clients identify the source of their trauma using an evidence-based approach.

Relationship coaching

Marriage and Couples

Is your relationship lacking passion and trust? Let’s work to strengthen the bond.
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Communication and Conflict Management

Learn how to communicate effectively and handle conflict positively.


Coping/Managing Stress (Transitions, Relationships, Etc)

Handle stress with effective coping and stress management techniques.

What Is Therapy/Counseling?

Therapy, or counseling, is a valuable tool for coping with life’s challenges. It helps us navigate stressful life events, the impact of trauma, medical illness, or loss, such as the death of a loved one, and specific mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety. With expert counseling, you can process your emotions in a conducive manner and learn healing techniques that will help you throughout your lifetime.


ARC and Gottman Couples Therapy

At Authentic Rhythms Counseling, I skillfully integrate the renowned Gottman Method into my practice. I leverage evidence-based techniques and interventions to foster stronger connections and healthier communication between couples. By embracing the principles of the Gottman Method, I am dedicated to helping couples build lasting relationships, navigate conflicts, and create an atmosphere of trust and intimacy. Your journey towards a more fulfilling and harmonious partnership begins with our commitment to the proven strategies of the Gottman Method at Authentic Rhythms Counseling.

Gottman Approved Member

ARC and Kolbe Methodology

Authentic Rhythms Counseling incorporates the Kolbe methodology into its approach, providing individuals and organizations with a unique lens to explore, understand, and embrace their natural instincts. Through this integration, clients gain valuable insights into their behavior, enhancing self-awareness and guiding them toward a more authentic and fulfilling life journey.


Authentic Rhythms Counseling employs Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to address PTSD and trauma. EMDR utilizes bilateral stimulation to help clients process distressing memories, fostering adaptive resolution. This therapeutic approach aims to unlock the natural healing mechanisms within individuals, promoting emotional well-being and resilience.

Why Is Therapy/Counseling Beneficial?

Therapy can help you manage life’s varied challenges and live a more fulfilled life. It can help you understand your feelings, why, and how to cope. Just like visiting your doctor for regular wellness checkups can help your physical well-being, meeting with a therapist can help keep your mental health in order. Here’s some ways therapy can help you:

1. You’re Experiencing Intense Feelings of Sadness or Helplessness

It’s normal to feel down occasionally, but sometimes it’s difficult to get out of a low point in your life. These feelings can be a sign of major depression, which is a reason to find a therapist who can help you talk through those feelings and begin healing.

2. You've Run Out of Advice from Friends and Family

Well-intentioned advice from friends and family on coping with life’s challenges may not be enough. The assistance of a professionally trained and experienced therapist can be much more helpful.

3. You’re Using Alcohol, Drugs, Porn, or Other Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Managing painful or difficult emotions with alcohol, drugs, porn, or other addictive means commonly leads to larger problems. I can help you find a better way to cope with mental distress.

4. You or a Loved One Are Living with a Chronic Health Condition

The uncertainty of serious illnesses can bring on stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s easy to slip into negative thought patterns when you are facing a long-term illness. Therapists can help you see through the troubled waters to a bright horizon so that you can focus on the positive sides of life.

5. You’re Undergoing a Big Change

From a major career shift to a change in marital status or relocating to a new state, big changes can lead to emotional distress. Talking through these changes is almost always better than struggling through them alone. A mental health therapist can provide a listening ear so that you can express your true feelings and emotions regarding big changes.

6. You’ve Recently Lost a Loved One or Close Friend

Grieving is normal and healthy, but if time passes and you’re still feeling a heavy burden from the loss of a family member, trusted friend, or pet, therapy can help. Having someone to talk to who has experience with the grieving process can ease the pain that you are feeling.

7. You Suspect You Have a Serious Mental Health Condition

Some of the most common mental health disorders are effectively treated with a combination of medication and therapy. I specialize in a range of evidence-based therapies that can be utilized to help you on your journey toward better mental health. In nearly every case, leaving a mental illness untreated can lead to worsening symptoms down the road.

8. You Feel Like You’ve Lost Control

Therapy can help reduce substance abuse, rage, anger, or other runaway emotions. Even if you don’t have a diagnosed mental illness, there are times when your life may feel out of your control. A therapist can help you remember things you have control over in your life.

9. You’re Having Family Issues

Couples and family therapy can help improve communication, work through challenges, and resolve conflicts. However, couples therapy is not recommended for those in abusive relationships. Family therapy is great for practically any family unit. There are numerous relationship dynamics at work, and therapists can help each member cultivate understanding and compassion for others.

10. You Feel like You Need to Talk to Someone

It’s as simple as it sounds—trust yourself. If you feel like you need help, seek it. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed for taking action to improve your mental health, no matter the reason. You know yourself best; if you think it’s time to find a therapist, it is time.

What Is the Process Like?

If you are new to the counseling world, you probably have preconceived ideas about it. Yes, there is a couch—counseling is unlike your regular doctor’s visit. It’s more like visiting a friend you can talk to about your issue and gain positive insight. It includes a lengthy period of getting to know you and your background so that we can pinpoint the root cause of your problem, learn coping mechanisms, and begin healing. Here’s how it works:

Reach Out

This is often the biggest hurdle for many seeking help and healing. Just courageously reaching out and asking questions about the process is a huge step!

Commit to Your Healing

As you seek help, you have a responsibility in the process. When all is said and done and, as a result of your counseling experience, successful healing is because YOU did the work necessary for change. Your therapist’s responsibility is to provide safety and confidentiality, as well as, the knowledge and skill to help guide you toward your goals. Below are three responsibilities you have in your healing (HOW).

Be Honest

First, It’s important to be honest with yourself. We have to be willing to look in the mirror and acknowledge the good, the bad, and the ugly we see.

Second, It’s important to be honest with your therapist/coach. Counseling is confidential and safe. However, extending trust can be frightening at first and can take time to build but it’s results can be freeing as well as reduce the time it takes to meet your goals.

Be Open

You’ve spent a number of years learning and developing ways and ideas to navigate life. Sometimes, we may need someone to gently challenge these. Your therapist may raise up things to consider that may be necessary to address. Being open is not about agreement or compliance but about seeing if there is something within the expressed idea that you may need to incorporate before dismissing it altogether.

Be Willing

During your counseling experience, you will likely learn a great deal of knowledge and coping skills. Knowledge without application is often interesting but useless in meeting goals. If you want something different, you may have to think and/or do something different.

Counseling Sessions


Start your healing journey with a one-time session. That allows you to take the first step toward healing.

$150 per Session

6 Sessions

This course allows you to explore your issue deeply, pinpoint the root cause, and learn coping techniques.

$750/6 Sessions [Save $150]

10 Sessions

This is more of a committed session for those dealing with long-term trauma or those who want to discover their true potential.

$1000/10 Sessions [Save $500]


Wayne has been a constant source of encouragement both personally and spiritually, as well as in my marriage. After moving from CA to TX and welcoming our second child, my husband and I found ourselves struggling with communication in our relationship. With no local family or friends to lean on, we sought professional counseling and have been incredibly blessed by Wayne’s expertise, wisdom, and genuine compassion over the course of several years in session. Not only did Wayne help us navigate and apply the Gottman principles of communication and connection, but he also helped my husband reprocess childhood trauma through EMDR therapy. Additionally, Wayne introduced us to a spiritual retreat program that my husband and I individually attended and, the following year, served at. Wayne truly feels more like family to us and we are both eternally grateful for how tremendously he has changed our lives and our marriage for the better—KM 

I started sessions with Wayne in 2021 while pregnant regarding the caretaker strain for my mother as well as improving my marriage.  He has been invaluable in helping navigate the difficulties that life can bring and the human condition. I take notes during our sessions to reference them. They have pulled me out of situations while changing behaviors that enhance my quality of life. I am eternally grateful for his wisdom and scholarly assessments. He is a true professional at the top of his field. He is also good at calling out thought processes that are not healthy which at times can be uncomfortable, but in the long run they help see a clearer picture. Frankly, he is a straight shooter which is hard to find in his line of work.  I am a better person because of Wayne.  He was paramount in delivering me from suicidal ideation.  I often times catch myself asking, “What would Wayne do/say in this situation?”  I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering psychotherapy—KH 

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